High quality


BoBo Motors offers a full range of mechanical and electromechanical services. Besides, we also use computer diagnostics equipment for car makes and models from all over the world. Regular car services carried out in our BoBo Motors ensure that your car will reach the demanding standards of NCT without any problems.

Please find below a list of some of the high quality services offered by BoBo Motors:

Headlight alignment.

Complete computer diagnostics (engine, ABS, Airbag, etc.)

Suspension repair.

Repairs of steering system.

Regular service.

Fluid replacement and removal of leaks (motor oil, braking fluid, gear box oil, coolant, power steering fluid).

Brake service (replacement of brake pads, shoes, discs and ducts, etc.)

Replacements of timing belt.

Replacement of clutch.

Engine service and replacement.

Repairs and replacement of exhaust system (welding or replacement of exhaust elements).

Electromechanically repairs (power windows, central locks, wipers, internal and external lights).

Repairs of cooling system.

Repairs of Manuel gear box.

Repair Services

At BoBo Motors, vehicle body repair and all related services is our field of expertise.

Wheel Alignment

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Vechicle Diagonstics

We employ computerized processes in all body repairs to provide the quality control that you, the customer, expect. Our teams handle auto body restoration for individuals, fleets and management companies.

Tyre Installation

A vehicle that's been in an accident may need to have the tyres changed or re-installed. At BoBo Motors, everything is handled on the spot. This service is also available even if your car has not been in a collision. It's a good way to avoid the tyre-change rush at garages in fall and spring!